Terms of business

These terms and conditions apply to Nielsen Nørager's legal assistance and other services, unless otherwise agreed in writing between Nielsen Nørager and the client.

The lawyers

Every lawyer at Nielsen Nørager is admitted to the bar by the Danish Ministry of Justice and is a member of the Danish Bar Association.

Receipt of the file

Upon receipt of a case, we investigate whether there is any disqualification or conflict of interest or other circumstances that prevent us from taking on the case. Nielsen Nørager is subject to the Danish Money Laundering Act and obtains the information and documents required by law upon receipt of the case.


Our fees are calculated on the basis of the time spent on the case, the scope, difficulty and nature of the work, including the degree of specialist knowledge applied to the case, the values involved, the responsibility associated with the case, the importance of the case for the client and the result obtained.

We invoice our services at reasonable intervals (typically monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly). For individual assignments of short duration, we usually invoice at the end of the case.


In addition to the fee for the assistance provided, the client will be invoiced for any related expenses, including fees, reasonable travel and accommodation expenses, meals and major copying, translation and shipping costs. This will be done either separately or on the next invoice.

Client funds

All funds, which our clients entrust with Nielsen Nørager, are administered in accordance with the Danish Bar and Law Society's provisions on client trust accounts. Client funds are deposited in client trust accounts at our bank Nykredit Bank A/S. If nothing else has been agreed, any interest earned of the client’s deposits on the client trust account is appropriated to the client, and the client carries any negative interest amount incurred of the client’s deposits on the client trust account.

For client trust accounts the ordinary rules apply under which as main rule only funds up to 100,000 euros per customer are protected in case of reconstruction or bankruptcy of the bank. If a client has additional funds in the same bank, the limitation of 100,000 euros is applied to the sum of the amounts placed on the different accounts. Neither Nielsen Nørager nor the individual lawyer can carry the risk of the funds in case of reconstruction or bankruptcy of the bank.

Copyright of material

The copyright to the documents and other work produced by Nielsen Nørager belongs to Nielsen Nørager unless otherwise specifically agreed with the client.

Lawyers and other employees at Nielsen Nørager are subject to professional secrecy. All information is treated confidentially.

Lawyers and other employees at Nielsen Nørager are subject to internal rules in accordance with the legal prohibition against disclosure of inside information about listed companies and restrictions on trading in listed securities.

Nielsen Nørager only advises on Danish and EU law. Any dispute between a client and us must be resolved in accordance with Danish law by the competent Danish court.

We are liable for our assistance to our clients according to the general rules of Danish law, however, our liability is limited to DKK 50 million for each individual case. DKK 50 million for each individual case. Our liability does not include operating losses, loss of data, loss of profits, goodwill or other forms of indirect loss.


Nielsen Nørager has taken out liability insurance and provided a guarantee in accordance with the rules of the Danish Bar and Law Society. The liability insurance covers the practice of all legal services, regardless of where the legal services are practiced.

Nielsen Nørager's liability insurance and guarantee is taken out with Codan Forsikring A/S, Gammel Kongevej 60, 1790 Copenhagen V.


The lawyers at Nielsen Nørager are subject to the Danish Bar and Law Society's supervisory and disciplinary system and the rules on good legal practice, cf. section 126 of the Danish Administration of Justice Act. In addition, the rules of professional ethics apply. The rules that specifically apply to the practice of the legal profession can be found on the Danish Bar and Law Society's website,

In the event of a dispute about fees charged by Nielsen Nørager, a complaint about the amount of the fee may be filed with the Danish Bar and Law Society, Kronprinsessegade 28, 1306 Copenhagen K,

Any disputes concerning Nielsen Nørager's advice are subject to Danish law and the exclusive jurisdiction of Danish courts.