EU law

Nielsen Nørager advises on general EU law, for example on trade barriers/free movement, state aid and taxes and duties, and we also assess whether Danish laws and regulations are in accordance with EU law.

We assist both public authorities and private companies and conduct litigation and complaints before the Commission with an EU law angle.

Nielsen Nørager is ranked Tier 3 within EU, competition law and procurement law in The Legal 500, 2024.

"The team has a strong customer-centric focus in their advisory services, while having in-depth knowledge in applicable rules and practices"

"They have strong knowledge of the IT market - they provide excellent collaboration by gathering relevant information on cases in a very short timescale"

"People involved in cases have been available with fast responses when needed and providing excellent advises within deadline."

"As clients, we have witnessed a very equal treatment of all employees, no matter their status. This is not seen everywhere in other law firms."

"The lawyers are professionals, experienced, knowledgeable and able to quickly understand a complicated matter. The lawyers are also fast and cooperative."

"The team is very competent and has the ability to understand the business extremely fast."

- Testimonials to Legal 500, 2024 - EU, Competition and Public Procurement

Contact persons

Lotte Hummelshøj
Sebastian Asbjørn Pedersen