Personal data / GDPR

Personal data / GDPR

Data protection law is of increasing importance throughout Danish society and is an important area of work for Nielsen Nørager.

The firm's practice includes proactive advice to help ensure that private business and public sector clients comply with data protection legislation, including advising on the new General Data Protection Regulation and providing assistance in cases where there is a conflict, etc.

Nielsen Nørager assists both public authorities, interest organizations and private businesses with all kinds of data protection law issues, in connection with notifications to and preparation of statements to the Danish Data Protection Agency and in connection with litigation, etc.

We also offer a compliance check, which usually includes a review of the client's processing of personal data, an assessment of the processing of ordinary, confidential and sensitive data, questions about the transfer of the data to third countries, legal basis issues, consent issues, personal data, the legal basis for the function as data controller or data processor, data processing agreements, data security, notifications and authorizations, sector-specific rules and the importance of data protection law in marketing and the use of social media, as well as an assessment of the extent to which policies and procedures, etc. are needed or updated.

The type of feedback needed will be agreed upon, but it will of course always be possible to have the results described in a note, which could, for example, include a description of the impact of the new data protection regulation.

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